About Us

“Connecting your businesses to the local community”

This is the philosophy behind Our Brands Media. Our Brands Media is a progressive media company providing a new way for local businesses to promote themselves and what they do to their local community. Providing a quality experience to both the exhibitor and the consumer is paramount to every Our Brands Media trade show.   

Our Brands Media provides a service to both consumers and businesses alike, by bringing specific businesses in targeted markets together with their ideal consumers. Every show is created with that idea in mind. Our goal is to bring members of the community closer to the numerous quality products and services that are only a few minutes away from home.

Our Brands Media’s main focus areas are: Children, Health & Wellness, Business-to Business and Seniors.  According to our market research these are currently topics that consumers want more information on. Our Brands Media is committed to bringing consumers the newest and most relevant industry trends to our trade shows, websites, social media and other mediums. Through our careful analysis of the market, we are able to highlight businesses on the cutting edge of these trends and bring them to your doorstep.

For more information, please contact:

Sales Manager, Our Brands Media
+(647) 461-7627
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