7 Cool Activities To Do On The Weekend

No, your weekend does not need to comprise of being stuck in the house or going to watch a movie you don’t really care to see. There is plenty to do around the GTA and in the city, so get cracking!

1. Canada’s Wonderland
Are you a ride warrior? Wonderland is the perfect thrill spot and a great way to spend the day outside. Get a season’s pass if you live close by and can handle the rush or get a day pass if you only plan on going once. A season’s pass is worth it if you make at least 2-3 trips to the park – although you will definitely want to go a lot more than that! While the rides are sick and the waterpark is slick, the food is crazy expensive. I recommend leaving the park for lunch across the street. There’s Little Caesars, Hero Burger, Shawarma and Wendy’s close by with prices that make a lot more sense.

2. Skyzone
Looking for a workout so fun you won’t even notice you’re exercising? Skyzone has a location at 2839 Rutherford Rd and it’s a great way to bounce up a sweat while having a blast. This indoor trampoline facility offers regular bouncing, dodgeball, volleyball and basketball. It costs around $20 + tax to jump for 2 hours, not including the socks, that you must buy in order to jump. They have a cool way to get young adults involved called Skyjam, where every Saturday from 9-11pm, only people 16 and up can jump. Pizza is included in Skyjam as well. What are you waiting for? Jump, jump! Everybody…

3. Lego Land
It may sound like it will only be appealing to kids, but trust me, head to Vaughan Mills to check out Lego Land. They actually have adult visiting hours set aside for later in the evening. There is lots to see and lots to build and always something new happening, so check it out sometime.

4. Lucky Strike
This is not your typical dingy bowling alley where you dread wearing the shoes because they stink from the feet of 10 people before you. Lucky Strike in Vaughan Mills is a hip place to throw parties but also to go hangout on the weekend, too. Their sofas make you feel at home and there’s always an interesting video displayed on the projector screens at the end of each alley. Not to mention, with food and a bar, what else do you need?

5. Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club
Now, this is actually pretty great because you don’t need to drive all the way downtown or to Vegas for a great show. Yuk Yuk’s is close by and promises a good time. While this is not an activity that can be enjoyed every weekend, when there is something going on at Yuk Yuk’s, it’s a good idea to check it out because it’s a nice way to unwind, laugh, and have fun.

6. Let’s Go To The Beach, Beach, Let’s Go Get Away
Your immediate thought might be Wasaga, but no! While Wasaga Beach is great, you don’t have to travel that far to enjoy the sand and water and seagulls cawing or whatever it is they do. Woodbine Beach is a great location to have a beach day, but it also is not too far a drive from the GTA. Bring some sunscreen, a sound system, some towels and that beach bod because it will be a fun day. Also, don’t forget a volleyball! There are tons of nets set up and there are bound to be some games going, so start your own or join in. If you’re interested in water activities, there is paddle boarding available or you can even rent kayaks or small boats or go on a boat cruise if you travel down Lakeshore. Make sure you don’t underestimate the Canadian sun; wear sunblock! And don’t say I didn’t warn you when you come back home as a lobster or as a different race…

7. Take Your Wheels to Lakeshore
Fill the tires of your bikes and grease the wheels of your rollerblades; pack up the car and head down to Lakeshore! This is a bit of a drive into the city, but incredibly worth it. If you aren’t interested in making a trek that far into the city, look for bike trails in your area. There is a nice path by Downsview Park worth visiting. However, Lakeshore is booming right now. The Waterfront Path has been elongated for the Pan Am Games and it’s a smooth ride with the cool breeze coming off the water. It’s a great way to exercise while exploring the city and having fun. Choose your starting point on the trail and map out how far you want to go. I recommend bringing water, change for parking, baby wipes or hand sanitizer for your hands afterward, a towel for the sweat and a change of clothes if you plan on grabbing dinner after the ride. If you start your ride by the ACC and head West, you will eventually come across the Harbourfront Centre. This is definitely worth checking out because there are always new activities going on down there along with festivals, food, and drinks. Make a trip into the city every so often because there is also something going on in Toronto, and the GTA is not as far away from all the action as you think!

There is so much to do on the weekends, it’s just about finding out what’s going on in your area. Do a quick Google search Friday night to see if anything interests you or if anything is happening near you. It’s fun to get out of the house and be active, but also, it does not hurt to lounge around at home every once in a while.

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