5 Ways To Avoid The Winter Blues


5 Ways To Avoid The Winter Blues

With the weather getting colder and daylight fading quickly it means one thing only, winter is coming. Winter is a time when many people fall into a slump and simply catch the “winter blues.” Well, cheer up, because here are 5 ways to make this a winter you won’t dread.

  1. Avoid getting sick- One of the biggest reasons why people hate winter is because it’s a time of year when you’re more likely to get sick with the cold weather in full affect. Do your best to eat healthy, sleep 8 hours a night, and practice good hand hygiene to keep your immune system in prime condition.


  1. Spend more family time together- Don’t isolate yourself with your iPhones and Mac’s, instead spend more time with your family and do things together rather than apart. This will keep you happy and create a happier mood.


  1. Exercise will keep your mind and body happy- Find some easy workouts to do inside of your house or join a gym! You will pass the time and will do wonders for your health.


  1. Keep yourself busy- Read, write, bake, craft, or build a snowman! The more you keep yourself busy in your spare time the less you forget about the weather change.


  1. Don’t just stay indoors- This is a big one. Many people tend to lock themselves in their house once the first snowfall hits. Just because it’s colder and there’s snow doesn’t mean you got to be trapped inside. Go outside and embrace the winter. Go skating, build a snowman, make your best snow angel, and top it off with a hot chocolate!

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net