5 Healthy Easy To Pack Back-To-School Lunches

1. Salads. Mix some salad with a variety of nuts and toppings in a container, then add some light dressing.

2. Fruits and vegetables. Cut up a selection of fruits and vegetables and put them in a container. You can also provide apple sauce (what about honey or yogurt instead of apple sauce) for some apple slices and light ranch dipping sauce for some veggies.

3. Turkey on whole wheat bread. Who said sandwiches are boring? Put some lean turkey breast topped with tomatoes, lettuce and a touch of mustard on a whole wheat bagel or toast.

4. Dinner to go. Make a few extra pieces of chicken or steak for dinner and add that with some potatoes or corn in a container for a dinner to go lunch.

5. Rice stir fry. Go all out. Add as many veggies as you want to some brown or white rice and mix it together for a healthy quick food choice.

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