How To Get Your Kids Ready For The New School Year?

With summer coming to an end and the new school year quickly approaching, it’s time to get your kids back into school mode making sure they are ready to go come September.

1. Get your kids back to an early sleeping schedule. Summer habits can cause kids to go to bed later so having your child go back to their regular sleeping routine a week before the start of school will make sure they adjust to the change.

2. Read to them or let them read to you daily. Reading a short story to your child or having them read one to you once a day will get their minds flowing again.

3. Make sure they are prepared. Buying your child the necessary school supplies will ensure they are organized and ready for all tasks.

4. Limit the amount of time they spend with technology. Limiting the technology your child uses will allow for them to stay focused on school and completing homework.

5. Pack them healthy lunches and snacks. Fueling your child with the right foods will make sure they are alert and energized for the course of the school day.

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