7 Fun Places For Teens To Hang

If you’re a teen living in the GTA, I know what you are thinking. There’s nothing to do around here. Sure, we go to the movies, then to dinner, then maybe a party…Mom and Dad aren’t reading this, right? But it’s the same routine! Luckily, through intense research, fun places have in fact been located! Here is a list of 7 fun places for teens to hang out.

1. Skyzone
This place is so much fun and also gives you an excuse to be out late. You can go whenever, but I recommend going to Skyjam from 9-11pm on Saturdays. This is exclusive jumping time for people 16+, so it gives you a chance to mingle with people around your age. Skyjam is roughly $20.00, plus a pair of socks for $2.00 that you only have to purchase once. It’s a ton of fun and you will pretty much run into everyone in Woodbridge, so maybe put on some lip-gloss and use some hairspray.

2. Canada’s Wonderland
Wonderland is right around the corner and we don’t realize how lucky we are to have an amusement park so close by! Get a seasons pass and trips to Wonderland will eat up your summer and you will eat up funnel cake. The pass is worth it if you plan on going at least twice, but you will want to go a lot more than that. Make sure your friends are getting passes too so you can all go together. It’s a great way to spend the day outside, having a blast. Plus, when it gets hot, you can always head to Splashworks! Trust me, if you think you’re too old for a pass or if you think you might not want one, just get it. It’ll give you something to do in the summer. Not to mention, Halloween Haunt tickets will be cheaper for you in October if you have a seasons pass.

3. The Canadian National Exhibition
The end of August rolls around with a much-anticipated event, the Ex! Make a trip downtown with friends to spend a day on rides, going in funhouses, watching shows, and eating deep-fried anything. It will be an action-packed day, so bring a backpack with the essentials, hop on the subway and ride down to have a blast. It’s $18.00 for admission and extra for ride tickets. Head down and check it out.

4. Dave & Buster’s
This joint is the perfect arcade accompanied with food and a great location. The only issue is you have to be 18+ to get in, but if you are under that and go during the day or go with someone 21+, you should be fine to get inside. All you have to do is load up your power card with as many points as you want and go nuts! If you don’t use all the points this time, save it for next time and you have another excuse to go crazy! It’s a ton of fun and a great chill spot for you and the crew.

5. The Monkey Vault
This place is pretty much exactly as it sounds. Interested in trying parkour, freerunning, tricking, gymnastics, breakdancing, circus arts or stunt training? This is the place to be! The Monkey Vault is all about movement and they want you to be passionate about play. You can book the place for yourself and friends or join in on beginner, advanced, or expert classes that teach you the basics of parkour. It’s a great way to engage in physical activity while having an awesome time. Teen classes are $20.00 per individual class, or $85.00 for 5 classes. There are also drop in sessions that cost $15.00 as well and you can stay as long as you want. Check out the website to learn more, or head over to The Monkey Vault to start playing!

6. Coffee Culture
In Friends, everybody gathers at Central Perk for coffee. In your life, Coffee Culture is where it should be at! This is a cozy joint with music softly playing overhead and delicious food, treats, and drinks. Come here to kick back with friends or to write that research paper. They have sofas or booths to suit your comforts and make you feel at home. It’s a nice place to catch up with friends, go on that first date, meet people; head to after a movie or dinner, or to even break up with someone… I don’t recommend the last one though. It might make it awkward to come back for a while, and you don’t want to miss out on Coffee Culture for too long.

7. Goodlife Fitness
This probably is not the type of hangout you were looking for, but trust me; Goodlife Fitness is on this list for a reason. First of all, every summer they offer a free membership for teenagers to encourage them to workout! It’s a great place to go to exercise and stay fit over the summer, but also, the gym is an excellent place to meet like-minded people. Either make a ton of friends or try to pick up that girl who glances over every so often to check if you’re still bench-pressing. The gym is actually a social spot. You would know if you checked it out! So, go get your workout in for free with friends or go make some new ones when you get there.

I know it may seem like it is hard to find stuff to do around here, but keep looking things up! There is always something going on in Toronto over the weekend and now, you’ve discovered there is also stuff to do around here besides hang at the mall or watch Netflix all day. Make a list of things you want to do and places you want to go, and get on it! You will probably want to brainstorm that list while enjoying a nice, rich cup of hot chocolate at Coffee Culture…

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