5 Fun Games To Play With Your Friends

Stop watching TV and playing video games. Grab some friends, go outside and beat the boredom bug with these fun games.

1. Hide and Seek. Choose one person to close their eyes and have them count to 10 while everyone else hides. Once that person is done counting, they are allowed to search and tag you. Try not to get caught or you become the seeker.

2. Freeze Tag. One person is chosen and tries to tag everyone they can. Once they tag someone that person is frozen and can only be freed if someone touches them without getting caught.

3. Soccer. Grab your best soccer ball and go out on the field for a fun game of pickup soccer.

4. Catch. Toss a tennis ball, football, or baseball back and forth. You can even add some more fun to the game by eliminating whoever drops the ball until one person is left.

5. Jump-Rope. Make sure you got your perfect set of running shoes on as you try and make it over the rope each time it comes down.

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